Ride to Be a Content Writer- Jamshedpur to Mumbai (1,900km +) Day 5

Date: 30th August 2012
2nd Lap: Ahmednagar-Pune (130km approx.)
Start: 05:30pm
Halt: 09:00pm

Welding, Rain, Fall, Wrath, Love-Birds

The morning happened at 9:00am for me today.

Sagar was ready to push off for his workshop, which was 5km from his home. I was to take a shower and have a heavy brunch and then leave for his workshop to get my luggage carrier fixed/welded. He is punctual and I am being a road-trip engaged Nomad for the moment had a bit of a tussle with the time. So rather than pushing myself I decided that it would be better for me to have brunch and then go get the carrier fixed.

A quick hot shower and then a heavy delicious brunch was enough to make me go a bit lazy again. Blame it on Sager’s entire family who looked after me as their own and made me super comfortable. In the meanwhile, Nisha called from Pune; all loud and angry. This made me rush towards the workshop in the industrial area of Ahemadnagar that is known mostly as MIDC, Ahemadnagar.  He was expecting me so when I called, he was there on the highway within a minute and we rode off to his office, which is adjacent to his workshop.

A little about his workshop; his father worked for an indigenous Indian automotive firm for a decade and then he founded his own manufacturing unit of automobile components. Sagar handles the majority of its operation while his father presides at the main office and look after the manufacturing activities. The workshop looks small but it has different units that can deliver a complete automobile from scratch to construction to paint-job with a Teflon finishing if one desires so.

We reached and he showed off his workshop where the parts were being manufactured. Then we dissembled the carrier from my Bullet and they took it for welding. Sagar was very responsive to all my curious questions regards the welding process as it was not the common gas welding machine but a C02 Welding unit.

The complete graph of C02 welding process!

CO2 welding is a welding process that uses carbon dioxide to protect the weld pool from oxidization during the welding process. 
It is also known as Metal Inert Gas(MIG), Manual Arc Gas Shielded (MAGS), welding.

CO2 is not the only gas used, it needs to be heavier than air to work.

The weld pool is, a pool of weld or liquid/molten metal that solidifies as one when finished welding, it is usually between two items so as to fuse the pieces together.

CO2 welding uses a long coil of filler wire that is fed in through the handheld torch, this filler wire melts as it completes the electrical circuit by means of an electric arc which reaches a temperature of around 3100 degrees Celsius, and unsurprisingly this melts the metal.

This ensured that the work goes flawless and I do not get into anymore trouble till I reach Mumbai. Moreover, when we detached the carrier and inspected it for the wear and tear, it had more than 5 cracks at prominent joints. It would have costed me a hand or a leg, maybe life if the piece would have fallen off while I was riding at a speed of 50kmph on the highway. Well, his technicians did the needful and we brought it out to check if we had everything done right. There were a few more cracks and Sagar being a perfectionist had to get everything right. The carrier made a detour at least five times to the welding technician.

Sagar spray painting the welded portion of the carrier!

Finally all done, and then Sagar spray painted it, by then Prateek came down on his Classic 500. He is another common friend of mine and Sagar whom I met in IofC, Panchgani almost a decade ago. It was a bit hard for him to reconnect with me through those old memories. He helped us assemble the carrier and rode off to his storehouse. He has a trading business of dry-fruits.

It was already 3:30 by then so Sagar asked me if I would like to have some tea or coffee in the canteen? I was game for anything and everything at that point of time as I need something to ward off the sleepiness from my eyes. We went in his car to pick up a friend and Prateek from his storehouse. The canteen was moderately big and could very well be tagged as a small hotel to drop in for massive three course meal. By 4:15pm we were back to his office and in a couple of minutes I was back to home.

His mom was waiting for me and his dad wanted me to stay back for the day. I would have accepted the proposal but I had to report to the office in the forthcoming two days, so with a heavy heart I politely told the uncle that since I have to join my new job, I would be coming in the next couple of weeks. It took me less than a couple of minutes to get everything assembled and tied up on my Bullet. By then aunty had prepared some tea for me, which I gladly gulped.

Exactly at 5:30pm I left Sagar’s home after saying au revoir to his parents. I stopped at the mountain pass from where I could see Ahmednagar. I pulled out my camera but the battery was completely drained, too bad  didn’t recall to charge it at Sagar’s home. Nevermind, I rode ahead, the road has been just fine. At 7:00pm I took another break to hear the furiously mad Nisha on the other end of the phone, “Why the hell are you so late?” What could I have said, I already got late in leaving so obviously I will be late. Adding more to my plight was the smooth road and constant rain that won’t let me increase my speed beyond 50kmph. Maneuvering my way carefully on the highway i finally reached the outskirts of Pune by 8:00pm.

Relief, hot shower, rest and Nisha, yes…

Leaving the Ahmednagar-Pune-Mumbai bypass and entering Pune city across the connect bridge was a soothing delight till I didn’t reach the crossroad just before the Pune Railways Station. Although I was careful in my riding but the man ahead of me suddenly stopped and a young man on his Superbike couldn’t manage to halt his machine right away, so it kissed my babe, which made us fall. The fall would have not mattered by since I anticipated it, my right foot was already on the ground. The sudden strike from side made me off balance and my right foot came beneath the luggage carrier.

Imagine the entire Bullet weighing on my foot. Good, it didn’t twist or break, or else it would have been a disaster.

The passerby and other commuters helped me get up and I rode again to face the wrath. Exactly at 9:00pm I reached Nisha’s office at Aundh. She was out in a minute and furious like hell. Nice session of what I am suppose to do, punctuality and what not. Time to go to her colleague’s place. She got the keys and I gave her the Studds helmet that I carried all the way from Jamshedpur, just for her. She was still furious.

It took us less than 10 minutes to reach the location where I was to spend a couple of hours and then leave the next day. It was a massive construction, most probably a small township of few hundred apartments sewn together on the concrete table, beneath which stays the commuting vehicles. My babe was to stay outside as I wasn’t a resident, this meant that all the luggage was to be unladen and carried to the apartment. In three trips we did that, and trust me you, it was not fun to do that in the rain with a swollen right foot (yes, it was aching and with movement getting swollen.)

The apartment belonged to Ajay and Anushi, a very sweet couple who worked with Nisha. The place was HUGE, big sitting and dinning room, two bedroom, a large kitchen, a massive terrace that was covered on top with another apartment. What amused me was the pair of love birds in the room where I was to crash. I called Nisha as she was gone already when I was making my third luggage trip, she passed the phone to Anushi. On hearing my concern she asked me to shift the bird cage to the sitting room. I did that and then went on washing few cloths as I was not to leave before 2:00pm the next day so ample of time for everything to dry.

Nisha; who looked after the communications and other vital necessities of this road-trip.

Nisha; who looked after the communications and other vital necessities of this road-trip.

All done, all set, ate and time to crash and write my journal. Before sleeping I called Nisha to ask when they all would drop in? 4:30am, nice timing, it was already midnight.

More tomorrow…

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    Nice… Keep it up….

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